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Lion's Mane Supplement

Lion's Mane Extract Capsules (30 Count)

Lion's Mane Extract Capsules (30 Count)

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Our Lions Mane capsules are equivalent to 3ML of the tincture.

687MG per capsule, why take 3 of theirs when you can take 1 of ours and actually feel it? 🤔

Please note these are ENTERIC CAPSULES, in other words, these are extended-release. You may not notice effects for 2-4 hours with the capsules and are best suited for a daily regimen.

Please let us know how you enjoy the capsules with either a review or an email, we really appreciate your willingness to try these.

For those of you who are currently enjoying our tincture, please consider the tincture as a 'now' supplement, and the capsules for later. In other words, try the tincture and capsules at the same time for an all-day mental buzz.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Christopher Huston

I have noticed Better cognitive functions and my son has noticed a difference in improved memory. Would love to mix with the "magic" to see what would be the result (micro-dosing), but it is not legal in this state (as yet).

It's wonderful to hear about the cognitive improvements you and your son are experiencing with our products. Thank you for your trust and for sharing your thoughts with us.

Best I've found

This stuff is damn near as good as if you made it yourself.

We're thrilled to receive such high praise! Our team strives to craft products that feel as close to homemade as possible, with all the care and quality that implies. Knowing that we've hit the mark for you is incredibly rewarding. Thank you for your kind words and for choosing our product as your go-to.

Veronica Spalding

My boyfriend and I have been purchasing these for months and now we cannot go with out. I order prematurely so we never run out. It has changed our lives for the better. Thank you so much hericium labs!

We're touched to know that our products have become an essential part of your and your boyfriend's routine. It's heartwarming to hear about the positive changes you've both experienced. We're deeply grateful for your proactive support and loyalty. Thank you for making us a part of your wellness journey.

Ron Mercier
Order Service and correspondence with James

I am very pleased with your product and your customer support team. Looking in the next few days to place another order

It's wonderful to hear that our products and the customer support you received from James and the whole team have met your expectations. We're dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience every step of the way. Your satisfaction is what drives us to keep doing our best. Thank you for your continued patronage, and we eagerly await your next order!

Kimberly Simmons
Clearer Mind

I am having such a leader mind after taking the Lions Mane Capsules. Highly recommend.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us! We're so happy to hear that our Lion's Mane Capsules have helped you achieve a clearer mind. Woohoo!

High Quality Lion's Mane Extracts

USA Grown

All of our mushrooms are USA grown, no imported mushrooms are used in the making of our extracts!

Whole Fruiting Bodies

We use only whole fruiting bodies in our extracts, no myceliated grains, and no filler!


We use absolutely no filler in the manufacturing of our Lion's Mane extracts!


We make our Lion's Mane extracts not only for you, but for us, our friends and family. We truly put our heart and soul into making the most potent Lion's Mane extracts possible!