If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please allow 1-2 business days for a reply. We'll be happy to help answer all inquiries that make it to our inbox! Before you write in, here's our brief FAQ:


  • "Hericium Labs? What does this mean?"
    The Latin name for Lions Mane mushrooms is Hericium erinaceous. At Hericium Labs, we specialize in Lion's Mane extracts. Hence the name, 'Hericium Labs' - pronounced like "Hurry - see - yum"
  • "How much should I take?"
    This varies on the person. If you're concerned about efficacy, you can always start smaller and work your way up. Some people are fine with .5ML (half a dropper) - others prefer a larger dose. Some people skip days, which can be beneficial if tolerance is noticed.
  • "Do you ship internationally?"
    We have shipped to 10+ countries without issue! Shipping may take much longer than domestic USA deliveries, expect 2-4 weeks delivery to most international locations.
  • "Is your extract organic?"
    While we're working on certification, our mushrooms are certified organic, and our inputs are organic. We are actively working on USDA organic certification.
  • "It burns!"
    Our extract is a true 50:50 dual extract, some compounds are only soluble in alcohol, others, only in water. To get the most out of the extraction process, we combine the two at the time of bottling in a ~50:50 ratio (it does vary slightly from batch to batch) so this is to be expected. We personally choose to administer a dose orally and then follow immediately with either coffee, tea or a citric acid based beverage (Orange Juice, Lemonade, Limeade etc...) and this helps cut the powerful mushroom taste and minimize alcohol burn.
  • "How should I store it?"
    Room temperature is fine, but some people prefer to use the fridge. Either way works, just keep out of direct sunlight and be sure to shake well before use.
  • "Do you have alcohol free options?"
    Absolutely! Our Lion's Mane capsules are a popular choice among our customers. The capsules are made using our tincture which has had the alcohol and water removed, and each capsule is dosed at 687MG/capsule. In effect, each capsule is equal to 3ML of tincture. The capsules are extended release, which means they take longer than the tincture to take effect. Many customers take the tincture and capsules at the same time.


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