Understanding the research behind Lion's Mane: Diterpenoids

Understanding the research behind Lion's Mane: Diterpenoids

What is Diterpenoids?

With so much focus on beta glucans by the top companies producing mushroom supplements, mushroom supplements are often thought of in the same regards by consumers, with the same marketing bullet points being the main talking points.
However beta glucans are not necessarily an effective way to measure potency and effectiveness of all mushroom extracts. There is a matter of trust involved and, among other things, a misconception about these compounds in general.

"Well which compounds should I be looking for?"

It depends on which mushroom and what effects you are talking about specifically.

With Lions Mane, we get excited about Erinacines, which are diterpenoids. What exactly are diterpenoids and how do they affect the body? That's what this post is about!

Rant: beta glucans can be and are a manipulated potency marker used by companies to persuade ignorant consumers to purchase their products.

There are dry labs which will put any number you want on a report, and there are processes by which extracts are made which can cause beta glucans from other sources to shine brightly on paper....looking at you myceliated rice extracts....in other words, the beta glucan content of an extract in some cases can be from grains, not necessarily from the mushrooms or mycelium...how crazy is that?!

It's for reasons like this that we have entered the market, there is so much shady marketing and many manipulative tactics are used to persuade customers to empty their wallets, but for us we just want a Lions Mane extract that has a tangible effect you can FEEL working.

So what is this thing called 'Diterpenoids'?

Diterpenoids or diterpenes form the basis for biologically important compounds such as retinol, retinal, and phytol, and many more.
It has also been found that it does provide nutritional support to healthy and normally functioning cells that produce BNDF and NGF proteins.
These NGF and BDNF are proteins that helps maintain, regenerate, and boost neutrite growth and also prolong their survival.
Lion's mane mushrooms produce these newly discovered diterpene compounds such as Erinacines H and I. Early studies suggests that these compounds have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, and other potential functions that could provide extensive benefits against different illnesses.
These discoveries will surely revolutionize the way we understand and use Lion's Mane into even more application and potentially help a lot more people.
Thanks for reading, and hopefully you've learned a little from this post 🙏
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