...Maybe you want capsules?

Keep scrolling to check out our Lion's Mane extract capsules. Not powdered Lion's Mane, but the same extract as the tincture, dried out and encapsulated in enteric, vegan capsules. This means they're extended release, and perfect for a daily regimen. Keep in mind each of our capsules is equal to 3ML of our tincture, but the extended release ensures it doesn't hit all at once. Why take 3 of their capsules when you can take 1 of ours?


Pronounced "Hurry - see - yum" - Hericium Labs gets it's name from the scientific name of Lion's Mane mushrooms, Hericium erinaceous. We've had a passion burning for Lion's Mane extracts for since 2011, and can't wait to be your favorite Lion's Mane supplement.